Skawennati & co., featuring 23 individual artist chat rooms

TERMINAL is a four-part installation project that examines single user interfaces, and the influence of technology on the adaptation of new artistic forms.  The project addresses itself to an idea of what different hardware units, operating systems, and user environments have offered to artists and to the viewers, readers or users of their work.  Each iteration of the project considers a touchstone in computer interfacing. Conceived as an exhibition in four parts, the project utilizes a single-user space at Western Front – our former ticket booth/reading room – to offer an intimate viewing experience that works away from the traditional spatial paradigm of a white cube.

TERMINAL 3.0 will address chat user experiences and artistic production of cyberspace. The installation will feature elements of CyberPowWow. Activated four times, from 1996 to 2994, CyberPowWow is part website and part “palace”: a series of interconnected, graphical chat rooms that allowed visitors to interact with one another in real time. The project now includes a virtual gallery with digital artworks and a library of texts by 24 emerging and established Aboriginal artists and writers.