The Book of Chairs: New Video Furniture

The following text is taken from Front Magazine, vol. IX, no. 1, p. 13, September/October 1997:

An Authorization: Notes towards an installation project by Jan Peacock for the Western Front.
Those who cry out and clasp at each other at the International Arrivals Gate mark their otherwise permanent separation with sudden, almost violent releases of energy.
As for us, separation is an actual place from which we need never depart. And as for our more temperate embrace, please imagine in its place what it took to get us even this far. For us, the embrace is only approximate and always inexplicable, the skin never entirely exposed to the casual eye. As for the causal eye and as for you, read in this that we simply require more definition, a clearer position — somewhere between international arrivals and domestic departures.
We authorize you, then, to submit these strong bodies to your frail, mesmerized looking.
Debate their trajectories; consign this collective musculature to speculation.

Recipient of the 1997 Bell Canada Award in Video Art, Jan Peacock has shown her work extensively throughout North America as well as overseas. She has been creating and showing both single channel video works and video installations since 1980. She is active as a curator and holds a position as Associate Professor in the Fine and Media Arts Department at Nova Scotia College of Art and Design.