The Fragility of Origins

The Fragility of Origins is a multi-channel video-based installation exploring issues concerning women and their bodies in relation to art and historical practice and theoretical discourses.

The following text is a continuation of the above text taken from Front Magazine, vol. VI, no. 2, p. 11, November/December 1994:

This new work focuses on the imagined discomfort of the lesbian body within the aforementioned realms.

Combining video, baroque painting references, photography and text Wyngaarden questions the open endedness of many post modern positions and their crises in the production of meaning at a moment when many marginalized “subjects” are emerging as “authors”.

A catalogue to accompany this exhibition is in process, with essays by Susan Lord, Scott Watson and Brice Canyon. The catalogue is supported by The Canada Council Exhibition Assistance program and co-published by the UBC Fine Arts gallery.