The Mercifully Short Program

The following text is taken from Front Magazine, vol. VII, no. 3, p. 13, January/February 1996:

Join us for a screening of Sheila’s work at Edison Electric Gallery. She will be screening the following tapes and talking about her video work: 1992: Drag Queen Trapped in A Woman’s Body; 1993: Vita Brevis; 1993: Ars Longa; 1993: The Seven Year Itch (excerpt); 1994: Beauty Works; 1994: LIES, LIES, LIES; 1995: Me, Myself, I (excerpt); 1995: Black Venus.

Sheila Urbanoski was born in Wishart, Saskatchewan and studied at the University of Saskatchewan, where she majored in visual art. She has lived in Montreal, London, England; travelled throughout Europe and currently resides in Calgary where she is Program Co-ordinator of EmMedia.

Ms. Urbanoski performed, with Patrice Fortier, as the infamous and now legendary Pantry Partners throughout Montreal and New York; wrote reviews and criticism in the Montreal MirrorSpare Rib and other publications; lectured and led workshops (generally on computers related to video technology); taught drawing and worked as an artist’s model; painted public murals; strove to become a Renaissance woman; shown paintings in galleries across Canada and has been involved in video and film since 1983. She is concentrating on her independent video productions, writing web sites and searching for the perfect…