Video Screening

The Oratory is a 28-minute experimental narrative docudrama. The OR, or the Oratory is a film exploring the inter-personal relationship between a god and goddess, named Dionysus and Oenothea. The film looks into the darkening vortex and persona of Death and vision of a god. The Oratory is a cinematic work about artifice, ecstasy, and sacrifice with a dark lucid edge.

The Oratory was made possible by the Programme to Assist Films in the Private Sector and the Filmmakers Assistance Programme of the National Film Board of Canada.

Jeremy Isao Speieris a graduate of The Emily Carr College of Art & Design. A Japanese-Canadian, Speier is an interdisciplinary artist who works in film/video, new media, kinetic sculpture and sound, painting and assemblage and installation. He is a Vancouver based artist whose work has been exhibited in Canada in various group or solo exhibitions, including at: The Red Head Gallery, Latitude 53, Access Artist Run Centre, p | m Gallery, Helen Pitt ARC, The Ministry of Casual Living, and Gallery 101.