The Rova Saxophone Quartet in Concert

Bruce Ackley (soprano saxophone), Larry Ochs (tenor, sopranino, alto saxophones), Jon Raskin (alto, baritone, soprano saxophones, clarinets), Andrew Voigt (alto, sopranino, soprano saxophones, flutes). Sponsored by the Vancouver New Music Society.

Ride Upon The Belly of The Waters Building Your Boats To Carry All, Jon Raskin
New Sheets, Larry Ochs
Trobar Clus, Structured Improvisation by Rova
Touch, Rosco Mitchell
Druids, Larry Ochs
Me/Meditation, Kuezo Fukoshima
Group Improvisation (Part 1+2)
Audio Recording duration: 112:46

Digitized audio of this concert is available through the Western Front Archives upon research request.