The Upgrade! Vancouver

Julie Andreyev presented work from a couple of past projects including VJ Fleet and Circuit Van, as well as discussing an offshoot project called Four Wheel Drift, which was presented at Interactive Futures in Victoria, Canada, and Splintermind in Stockholm in May 2004.

VJ-Fleet, a mobile audio-visual public performance focusing on VJ and local car cultures in the creation and projection of video and sound. The project consists of local customized cars equipped with wi-fi receiving and VJ technologies that mix files created by on-site video and sound artists. Each car produces an audio mix for FM radio broadcast and a video mix for projection on the rear windshield. VJ-Fleet offers a model for transient, mobile public art, bridging audiences through the combination of art practices and popular cultures.

Four Wheel Drift proposes to explore the city as mobile tableaux in order to link up and investigate public spaces. In the work, video representations of site, space and location of the city are interwoven with aspects of audiovisual representation that take their motivation from popular culture. Using a similar setup to that seen in VJ-Fleet, Four Wheel Drift focusses more on the links between the setting of the vehicle and the effect upon the live image that is created using Jitter.

Curated by Kate Armstrong, The Upgrade! Vancouver is a forum for artists and curators working with new media and technologies to informally present their work, and is meant to foster dialogue and create opportunities for collaboration within the media art community.

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