Tiffany Ayalik

Tiffany Ayalik melds storytelling and theatre with layered song loops and vocal improvisation,  creating music and performances that are mesmerizing, powerful and at times, playful. As part of her residency at Western Front, Tiffany is researching songs transcribed and documented in the “Report of the Canadian Arctic Expedition, 1913-1918.” Her initial work at Western Front will involve exploring and re-enlivening these songs, many of which are not currently sung in Inuit communities. This process will play a part in a longer work that Tiffany is creating to be premiered in the spring of 2021.


Tiffany Ayalik is an Inuk performer, born and brought up in Yellowknife. Combining knowledge learned from her elders, with her work as an actor and singer, Tiffany creates unique and powerful performances that include theatre, storytelling, music, education. Tiffany produces film and TV with her producing partner Caroline Cox and their company, Copper Quartz Media. Taaqtuq Ubluriaq: Dark Star, is the latest album by Tiffany’s duo PIQSIQ, a collaboration with her sister Inuksuk Mackay.

Western Front acknowledges the financial support of the Canada Council for the Arts, Government of Canada, British Columbia Arts Council, Province of British Columbia, City of Vancouver and SOCAN Foundation.