Tim Berne Trio in Concert

“Alto saxophone. with Herb Robertson, trumpet; Lisle Ellis, bass, Alex Cline, drums. A notable occasion for a number of reasons. It was Tim’s first tour. Evidently the drive north in Cline’s rickety van was pretty wild, with Herb doing continuous lip exercises to prepare for his debut. He was blowing so hard during the sound check we thought there would be nothing left for the show, but no fear. Herb smoked. I have a tape of the concert that still sounds hot.”
- Ken Pickering

Tim Berne (saxophone), Herb Robertson (trumpet) and L.S. Lansall-Ellis (bass) with Alex Cline (percussion)

Suite in Two Parts
San Antonio, and the Unknown Factor
Hot Cold

Audio Recording duration: 1:55:41

Digitized audio of this concert is available through the Western Front Archives upon research request.