Time Flies 1991

An autumn music festival co-sponsored by the Coastal Jazz and Blues Society.

Conrad Bauer (Germany) 10/10/91
Solo trombone.

Bill Frisell, Jin Hi Kim (USA/Korea) 11/08/91
Jin Hi Kim, komungo, combines the techniques of traditional Korean music with contemporary practice. Frisell is one of the most sought after guitar and guitar-synthesizer improvisers in contemporary music.

Wil Offermans, Junko Ueda (Holland/Japan) 11/09/91
Flute, electronics, voice and biwa.

Lori Freedman, Graham Ord (Canada) 11/10/91
Artists-in-residence. Exploration of the space between composition and improvisation.

Audio Recording duration: 01:09:51

Phil Minton, Roger Turner (U.K.) 11/11/91
Vocals and percussion.