Time Flies 1993

Co-sponsored by the Coastal Jazz and Blues Society, supported by Canada Council Music and Opera Section.

The following text is taken from Front Magazine vol. V, no. 1, pp. 14-15, September/October 1993:

– Standing Wave (10/21/93)

Standing Wave was formed in 1991 under the auspices of the Vancouver composers collective Pro Musica, and has been developing an almost exclusively local and Canadian repertoire.
François Houle (clarinet/soprano sax) is a consummate multi-instrumentalist/improviser and composer. Recording with his own contemporary jazz ensemble et cetera, the CD Hacienda was released last year, and letting the blue note settle, a duo recording with percussionist Andreas Kahre, is soon to be released.
Lauri Lyster (percussion) has appeared with the Vancouver Symphony, Vancouver Opera, Vancouver Ballet Orchestra, Drum Heat and Vancouver New Music Society. Lyster is also at ease in playing a wide range of popular styles such as Rock, R&B, Jazz and Big Band music.
Peggy Lee (cello) has covered diverse terrain as a musician, playing with: the Canadian Opera Company, Esprit Orchestra, Continuum Contemporary Music Ensemble, Banff Centre’s Ryuka Quartet, Spirit of the West, Grapes of Wrath and Elizabeth Fischer.
Lay Tuan Tan (piano) has specialized in the music of Schoenberg, Messiaen, Berg, and Cage. She also pursues an interest in more unusual uses of piano in dance and performance art.

– MORE (10/22/93)

MORE is Vancouver’s new high-tech electric virtuoso band dedicated to the performance of live music on the edge of technology, featuring their own compositions and the music of composers from around the world, from many traditions. MORE uses MIDI controllers, keyboard, wind, guitar and the Lightening Controller that senses hands gestures in space. In this entirely new kind of musical ensemble, each member of the group can make any sound.
The ensemble features three of Canada’s leading composer/performers. Sergio Barroso (MIDI keyboard) moved to Canada from Havana in 1980. Though principally known for his electroacoustic work, he has written orchestral, chamber, choral, stage and film scores. His music has received numerous international prizes and has been performed extensively throughout the Americas, Europe and Asia.
Peter Hannan (MIDI wind) has performs throughout North America and Europe playing new and early music as a soloist (recorder and MIDI wind), and with the ensemble New World Consort. As a composer, his works have been performed and broadcast internationally. He has written works for orchestra, dance and is currently working on a major music theatre piece.
Bruce Clausen (MIDI guitar) has appeared with many of Vancouver’s leading ensemble, in both the classical and jazz scene. Clausen is currently completing a doctorate in Classical Studies.
MORE’s repertoire for this concert will include new works by Sergio Barroso, Jean-François Denis, John Celona and Peter Hannan.

– François Houle & Andreas Kahre (10/23/93)

Multi instrumentalist François Houle and percussionist Andreas Kahre have collaborated on numerous projects in Vancouver in the last three years. With Kahre’s multi-disciplinary background (Cymbali, Hextremities, Wireless Graffiti, A Concise History of Drumming) and Houle’s performances of new music and improvisation, the duo’s work stems from the breaking and restructuring of compositional parameters into an infinite amount of variables in the fabric of the sound to create new “virtual” language.
“Performing what sounded like a free improvisation, Kahre and Houle took obvious pleasure in inventing a language of the moment. Using an almost dance like sense of gesture in addition to their considerable skills, the two carried on a discourse that was, by turns provocative, charming, playful, and dark – and wish always showed evidence of limber minds at work.” – Alexander Varty, The Georgia Straight

– Bill Smith/David Lee/Jim Munro (10/24/93)

The Bill Smith Ensemble was formed in the late 70s in Toronto. Two of its members, Bill Smith (E flat & C sopranos), and David Lee (bass), who are now BC residents, Are joined in this new edition by virtuoso Vancouver violinist/inventor Jim Munro.
“The Bill Smith ensemble…made listening an art form during their run is one of this country’s most significant improvising units of the 80s…” – Alexander Varty, The Georgia Straight