Triumph of Vulgarity Cabaret

The following text is taken from Front Magazine vol. V, no. 1, p. 12, September/October 1993:

Queer City Performance Festival follows on an annual performance series organized by grunt gallery and this year co-sponsored by The Pitt Gallery and the Western Front. The line-up of talent includes a number of familiar faces as well as the stars of tomorrow. Plan on seeing Tien, Cliff Redcrow, Raven Courtney, Bryon Chiefman, Denise Lonewalker, Percy Lezard, zachary longboy, Emily Farnya (at The Pitt), Random Acts, Christine Davis (at the Cultch Sept. 13 & 14), Tanya Mars (at the Western Front, Sept. 17) and Archer Pechawis (at the grunt).

There will be a kick off cabaret at the Western Front on September 8 and The Two Spirits Cabaret at The Pitt (date t.b.a). The festival promises to be a real celebration of queer culture in its many manifestations. The festival was organized by Glen Alteen, Archer Pechawis and Brice Canyon.