The Upgrade! Vancouver

Jim Andrews and Lionel Kearns led a brilliant discussion on life, poetry and the past. Andrews presented his piece On Lionel Kearns, a binary meditation in Shockwave on the work of the Vancouver poet. Kearns is one of very few poets who have been thinking about digital poetics and the synthesis implied by electronic media since the early sixties. Andrews works with texts, visual poems, and animated poetry videos by Kearns that were written/produced from the early sixties through the mid eighties. On Lionel Kearns is a tribute to Kearns’s polyartistic synthesis of arts, media, language and the binary, and is an attempt to extend Kearns’s experimental poetics into the contemporary landscape of software art. For instance, the work contains a great deal of ‘imaging Lingo’ that takes up Kearns’s concern with reference, identity, infinity, fractals, and loops toward the creation of interactive visual poetry. He also updates such pieces as Kearns’s Participatory Poem toward the creation of a piece where readers over the Internet can literally participate in the poem.

Curated by Kate Armstrong, The Upgrade! Vancouver is a forum for artists and curators working with new media and technologies to informally present their work, and is meant to foster dialogue and create opportunities for collaboration within the media art community.

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