Vancouver Living Art Performance Festival

Coordinated and curated by Glenn Lewis, Paul Wong and Kim Tomczak with the collaboration of several curators and many artists, this was an all-Canadian festival that animated many spaces throughout the city. As part of the festival, a selection of “performance” tapes were available for scheduled and on-demand viewing at the Video Inn and Jo Anne Birnie-Danzker and Paul Wong delivered a Performance Video Lecture at the Vancouver Art Gallery.

Mondo Arte Cabaret - 09/27/79
The festival’s opening night at the Commodore Ballroom featured 120 performers. Vignettes by Randy and Berenicci, Byron Black, Anna Banana, I Braineater, Dr. Brute and a host of others.

Ross MuirheadA New Structural Homeland - 09/28/79

Circus MinimusTrash – 09/28/79

Gerry GilbertThe Feel – 09/28/79

Max DeanUntitled - 09/28/79

TBA TVAnd So As For By But And If Not Yet Why – 09/29/79

Kim Tomczak100 Years of Aggression - 09/29/79

Richard HambletonMirror Breakdown – 09/29/79

Bruce Barber‘E’ A Performance of Exegenesis - 09/29/79

Ken LumAir - 09/30/79

Jane Ellison & Eric MetcalfeOh Yes, Oh No - 09/30/79
The Tootaloonies appear with 7 pairs of paper bags in formal arrangement, and extract from each an object that is Oh Yes or Oh No. A humourous performance that uses objects and language recognizable anywhere in the world.

Fiona McKye & Trudi ForestChanges - 09/30/79

CristaThe Bath - 09/30/79

Jim CumminsYou Will Remember the Past, But Will the Future Remember You? - 09/30/1979

Al NeilThe 13th Proposition of Euclid – 10/01/79

Helen Clarke, Peter Schyuff & Jane EllisonAboutabout - 10/01/79
A performance of a big breast cavorting around the stage on six legs, like a pink bug.

Glenn LewisPygmy Reflections - 10/01/79

Neil CampbellUntitled 79 – 10/01/79

Anna Banana & Bill GaglioneFuturist Sound - 10/02/79

John MitchellSacrifice - 10/02/79

Evelyn RothRoth Rituals – 10/02/79

Tom GraffThe Canadian Family Album Part 3 - 10/02/79

Don DruickThe Information Tree Memo – 10/03/79

John AndersonLungs – 10/03/79

Randy and BerenicciI Am Your Mind – 10/03/79