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All 3 evenings will be live netcast
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Friday, Nov. 24
Geneviève Letarte, Chantal Dumas and Les Poules featuring Le Mystère du bois Blanc

Le Mystère du bois Blanc is a trajectory of theatrical scenes connecting a writer and a sound artist. A woman explores a series of discourse in a soundcape that is at times noisy and at others musical. Her inner world merges with the sounds of the outer world furnished by her collaborator, in an encounter which leads to both poetry and humour.

Geneviève Letarte
Writer, singer and performance artist, Geneviève Letarte has published three novels, the last of which is Les Vertiges Molino (Leméac, 1996). She has also released two recordings: Vous seriez un ange and Chansons d’un jour (Ambiances Magnétiques 1990, 2000), and created many performances combining poetry, song and music. Le Mystère du bois Blanc was first presented at Thé‚tre La Chapelle, Montreal, in February 2000.

Chantal Dumas
Sound artist Chantal Dumas has created many radio pieces, among which is Le Parfum des femmes, just released on the Ohm éditions label (Québec,2000). She is also part of Le Grand Orchestre d’Avatar (Québec) and has participated in the organization of various radio/sound events (Zones Radio Fictives, Montréal, 2000).

Les Poules
Les Poules is among the most active and innovative projects in Quebec’s music scene.First created in 1980 under the name Wondeur Brass, it has since undergone many transformations as Justine and, recently, Les Poules. Present members Joane Hétu (saxophones), Diane Labrosse (keyboards)and Danielle P. Roger (percussion) have been composing,arranging and performing their music with a unique drive and a very personal approach.

Saturday, Nov. 25

The V.I.E.W. Ensemble

The Vancouver Improvising Ensemble of Women (V.I.E.W.) is an ongoing project that explores improvisation and composition, crossing boundaries of several music genres and art practices. Its first incarnation arose out of the 1997 Women in VIEW Series, when JoÎlle Léandre, Beth Custer, Moreen Meridan and Kate Hammet Vaughan came together with the ensemble in a showcase of women improvisors. Ensemble members include Peggy Lee (cello), Lauri Lyster (percussion), Karen Graves (winds/voice), Marilyn Lerner (piano), Lori Freedman (clarinets), and DB Boyko (voice).

V.I.E.W. will make their first Canadian tour in October/November 2000.

”… a wonderful musical conversation between six articulate women who listen attentively, consider, and then speak.” – Georgia Straight

Sunday, Nov. 26

The Electric Fondue

Ringside seats are available as all eleven artists take part in a cultural melée of music, noise, sound, and poetry; all assisted by the greatest diplomat of them all: FOOD. Chocolate fondue will be added as both lubricant and adhesive to this highly volatile combination of performers. Audience members are encouraged to bring their mother’s own fondue pots to partake in an event that promises to scandalize all five senses. Appliances will be used.