when I turned three I had two younger sisters, now I am 39

The following text is taken from Front Magazine, vol. VI, no. 2, p. 12, November/December 1994:

Jill, Joy and Anne Fraser     sisters     my sister

canning jars     tell me a story     in a place

between ice and blood     a seal belly split     sisters

my sister     I want to put red paint on my hand

and smear, smear paint on shiny surfaces

This performance both produces and examines our notions of our own, and each others’, experiences. It embodies a process of weaving in and out of fixing and unfixing notions about our subjectivities, our narratives, our relationships.

This performance is an installation    a poem

of light and sound     body and time

each gesture     each word     each photograph

is a landmark

a concentration     a cairn     a signal     a clue

an excavation site

an erasure of something else     both target and arrow

Jill, Joy, Anne Fraser     sisters     my sister

passionately sculpting

Thank you, Michael Vandermeer, Laurie Stansfield, Geoffrey Topham, Tricia Keith, and especially, my sisters, Joy and Anne.