Where Her Tongue Wept

/ Opening @ 8:00pm

Kim Dawn (the memory sores room).

In this installation I want the viewer to experience the burning of the memory under my skin returing insistent through hives swelling upon my skin. The room will be very warm to cause the viewer’s skin to sweat and warm as my skin has over the past year, a bodily response to the fatigue of concealing trauma from myself held beneath the skin and inevitably of the return of memory.

The room will be built of layers of soaked flowered bedsheets with gapes (mournful mouths) and pale pink damp mop threads (hair) protruding from small gaps staining the sheets pink. The floor will be covered with red rose teabags, a seeping decaying floor. The teabags are the discarded memory sores, inflammations upon the skin discarded, still pulsing, wet underfoot as memory continues to surface, swelling the skin. The walls swell and melt into pink rivers as hives do upon my skin, rising from under the skin, bleeding.

The video (the sheets crying) will be projected upon the sheets in the interior of the room within the room.

I will be performing in the space using repetition and the residue of my body in the space performing the bodily return of stored memory.