Will Holder and Kaisa Lassinaro Presenting on Silvia Federici and Agnes Martin

@ 7:00pm

Scrivener’s Monthly is pleased to host Will Holder and Kaisa Lassinaro on Monday September 9th at 7pm in the Luxe Hall at Western Front.

Will Holder will read from Silvia Federici’s “People vs Freedom on land, animals and women” as part of the ongoing series “…for single mothers…” Kaisa Lassinaro will screen “Agnes Martin 1974: An Interview” in the context of a forthcoming printed compilation of interviews from the Video Data Bank, conducted between 1974–1988 by feminist video artists, and founders of the Video Data Bank, Lyn Blumenthal and Kate Horsfield.

Will Holder is a typographer who edits and publishes. His publications do not always take the form of ink and paper, but are often talks, presentations, readings, or rehearsals.

Kaisa Lassinaro works as a graphic designer and is interested in feminist film and video; and appropriating archives related to the subject. An example of this work is a graphic transcript of Lizzie Borden’s 1983 film Born in Flames, published by Occasional Papers (occasionalpapers.org), 2011.

Scrivener’s Monthly is a series of public presentations that explore the space between material practices and spoken words: a periodical that talks. Set alongside the exhibitions program at Western Front, this experiment in “not publishing” involves readings, performances, and other articulations.