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Joel Chadabe in Concert

Joel Chadabe (synclavier, computer, 2 theramins) Audio Recording duration: 0:37:39 Digitized audio of this concert is available through the Western Front Archives upon research request.


Player Piano II

Three works utilizing space: Player Piano II for five grand pianos, This Space for five winds and Music in Circular Motions produced on a real-time computer interface instrument.


Aka Nada

Commissioned by O Kanada, Akademie der Kunst, Berlin. With live computer music, three simultaneous screens and various projection technologies, the piece was also performed in


SFU Computer Music

Compositions from around the world. Part of Simon Fraser University’s Computer Music Weekend.


Neil Rolnick in Concert

Live computer music performed at the Western Front. Programme: What is the Use (1985/1986) Loopy (1982/1987) Melting Pot (1987) Lady Neil’s Dumpe (1987) A Robert