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The Upgrade! Vancouver

Tobias considered his involvement in tactical media and technoculture past, present and future, including a brief overview of the work of  ST, his net-art project


The Tele-photos

Mireille Baril will produce a site-specific work during her media residency at the Western Front. Here, the gallery will become a real-time art work. The



Initiated by Hank Bull as his contribution to the ARTBARNS exhibition, this homage takes the form of a 12 hour on line MERZmuseum containing a wide variety


Wiencouver 2000

Weincouver was the name of a series of telecommunication projects between Vienna and Vancouver from 1980 – 1984. Weincouver 2000 is not a nostalgic look at


Art’s Birthday

24 hours of non-stop live radio art connecting Western Front, CITR-FM and contacts in Japan, Austria, Holland, France and Australia. Art’s Birthday is an annual event first proposed