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As Far As We Know

Neïl Beloufa’s solo exhibition As Far As We Know features two new moving image works, commissioned and produced by the Western Front over a month long residency


Artist in Residence

Western Front is pleased to welcome New York City based artist Erin Shirreff as artist in residence. Born in Kelowna, British Columbia, Shirreff received a


Artist in Residence

Bergen based artist Toril Johannessen works across various media such as photography, text, drawing, sculpture, storytelling and installation. Johannessen’s interdisciplinary practice often engages a scientific


Artist in Residence

Jeux is a complete environment including sculptural interfaces image and sound. A space devoted to experiment with the human movement. Jeux as it’s title says



The following text is taken from Front Magazine, vol. VIII, no. 4, p. 12, March/April 1997: In concert with the third annual Electronic Arts Festival at the



Using sculptural and sound elements as well video projection, Trans takes the medieval city of Passau, Germany and Vancouver as the basis for its inquiry


Betrayal of Earth

Ceramic artist Melvin Dunn exhibits his new hand-built clay sculptures that represent the condition of the earth. This piece is part of the special project, Progression, curated


To Shine

Video stills and kinetic sculpture. Catalogue. Judy Radul was born in Lillooet B.C. in 1962. She has an MFA from Bard College, New York. Her