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Cabeza Abajo (Head Down)

Work is a single channel video production. Bruguera’s performance involved walking on top of a crowd of people who were lying on the floor surrounded


Mz. Frankenstein

Artist in residence. A video production adapted from Mars’ Ms. Frankenstein performance. It takes the form of an imagistic narrative presented in the classic “infomercial” style.


Digit Retro

A video retrospective 1976-89. Tapes included: – Through the Holes (1981) Vander Zaag describes the video, noting “[t]he process of using a macro lens to shoot


Picture Window

A special production, in collaboration with Brice MacNeil (aka Art McP). The culmination of stolen bits from Vincente Minnelli’s film Some Come Running, mixed with



A special production. An adaptation of literal imaginings inspired by descriptions in a short story written by Giorgio de Chirico in 1929 entitled Hebdomeros. Passages in


Holy Joe

A special production. A provocation of the viewer/audience to question where their morals lie. A classical view of consumerism, religion, death, sexuality, and vice is