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Pandora’s Books

The following text is taken from Front Magazine, vol. V, no. 3, p. 8, January/February 1994: Pandora’s Books will combine slides and performance to create a live silent


Swan Song

Duration: 52 min 7 sec Original Format: ¾” Umatic Entry from Acts of Transfer: Nancy Barton’s performance is a collaboration with her mother, Marjorie, a



With Howard Broomfield, sound tree; Lisle Ellis, bass; David Lee, Bass; Gregg Simpson, drums; Carole Itter, sculpture and slides. Dominating the stage were three colossal


Al Neil in Concert

With Howard Broomfield, Martin Bartlett and Don Druick. Pieces played include: Free Play; Meditation; Dr. Thurston’s Report; The Great Spandini; Phase piece; Solitude; Euclid’s 13th



Displacement, transcription and representation result in loss; this performance attempts to trace that loss by representing subjects which are normally difficult or repressed.



First performance of this computer-generated slide and electronic music installation. Audience members controlled a six-projector slide dissolve which simultaneously changed the sound mix. Digitized audio