Results filed under: Special Production

Press Conference

A press conference by General Idea. AA Bronson, Felix Partz and Jorge Zontal each answer two questions posed by the assembled press corps. The topics


Red Angel

A musical discourse in Rondo form between a woman, 5 parrots, and a washing machine. This was a re-production of one of Falk’s famous performances


The Young Adults

Work is a single channel video production of an impromptu punk rock band which existed only on videotape with Terry Ewasiuk, Elizabeth Vander Zaag and


Meeting Points

Performance by Sanja Ivekovic. Artist-in-residence. Special production, combined with a performance in the gallery, in which the audience was recorded on a surveillance camera. Co-sponsored by


Delicate Issue

Special production. An uncompromising, micro-examination of the artists’ body with the voice asking such questions as, “What is the dividing line between public and private?”


Telling Tales

Artist-in-residence. Special production. Examining the circuit and short circuit of expression and perception, Chitty puts narrative under the microscope and warns: “Find out where the


Miss July

Miss July is Robert Kleyn’s adaptation of Lady Julia by August Strindberg. A triangular room was constructed in the gallery, functioning both as the set