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Lowell Darling

Lowell Darling, AKA Dudley Finds, a California media artist who at that time used the media-newspapers, radio and television-as a kind of exhibition space. Accordingly,


The Upgrade! Vancouver

Winnipeg artist Ken Gregory has worked with DIY interface design, hardware hacking, audio, video, and computer programming for over 10 years. His provocative and creative


The Upgrade! Vancouver

M. Simon Levin presented Desalination: a space for projection – a new remote sensing project that brings fresh water to an arid and hyper-salinated land.


Artist Talk

Derek Sullivan uses drawing and sculpture, in addition to producing various ephemeral conceptual projects, to explore his interest in reinterpreting familiar forms in order to


The Upgrade! Vancouver

Deanne Achong presented a work in progress, Bird, that is part of a larger piece focussed around the concept of archival material relating to jazz